Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB)

through the North Wales Photographic Association (NWPA).


Programme 2018-2019


 3rd Sept.               Welcome Evening - Only night of entries for the Pilkington Trophy Competition

 10th.                       Members Open Evening  An Evening of Images and Questions

 17th.                       Pilkingtons Trophy  Judging by : Bob Dennis.                                  Entries in for 1st Comp. - Subject: "Open"

 24th.                       "The Man From Olympus"

                                  "Olympus Product and Feature Demonstration"  Speaker - Lewis Speight

     Last entries in for 1st Comp. - Subject: "Open"

 1st Oct.                  Image Selection Evening  - An Evening to vote on images members have brought along for                                    consideration for upcoming battles and external competitions

 8th.                          1st Competition -Open” Judge: Kevin Hirst

 15th.                        Tony Griffiths -  “Historical Characters from Denbigh”                                

 22nd.                       Workshop Evening Looking at Photoshop and Lightroom

     Entries in for 2nd Comp. - Subject: “Power”

 29th.                        "Confessions Of A Motor Sport Photographer"  Speaker - John Smith

                                     Last entries in for 2nd Comp.

 5th Nov.                 "Confessions of a Competition Addict"  Speaker - Robert Milin

 12th.                        2nd Competition - Subject: “Power” Judge: Andy Polakowski

                                    Entries in for Trophy Comp. - Subject: Reflections

 19th.                         Members Open Evening An Evening of Images and Questions

     Last entries in for Trophy Comp.

 26th.                        "My Journey to 5 Crowns" Speaker - Phil Chadwick

 3rd Dec.                  Trophy Competition - Subject TBC  Judge: Bill Grayson

 10th.                        End of Year Social Event  An Evening of Festive Food and Fun


 7th Jan.                   Members Open Evening An Evening of Images and Questions

     Entries in for 3rd Comp - Subject: “Decay”

 14th.                       “Lepidoptera, Landscapes and Light” Speaker - Ilija Vukomanovic

                   Last entries in for 3rd Comp.

 21st.                        Club Auction  

 28th.                       3rd Competition - Subject “Decay” Judge: Michael Blackburn.

 4th Feb.                  Slide Battle - Judged by the members.

 11th.                       “A Humanitarians Vision” Speaker - Jim Holmes

                                  Entries in for 4th Comp - Subject: “Macro and Close Up”

 18th.                       Postal Photoclub Travelling Exhibition  

                                  Last entries in for 4th Comp. - Subject: Jason Wharam

 25th.                        "It's A Funny Way To Make A Living"  Speaker - Dr. Michael Leach    


 3rd Mar.                 4th Competition - Subject “Macro and Close UP”  Judge: Jason Wharam

 10th.                        Members Open Evening An Evening of Images and Questions

 17th                          Members AV Evening - An Evening of Images and Questions

                                   Entries in for 5th Comp - Subject: "Open"

 24th.                        Workshop Evening  Camera Skills

                                   Last entries in for 5th Comp.

 1st Apr.                   Battle With Llandudno  Held at - Craig Y Don Community Centre,

                                        Queen's Rd, Craig-y-Don, Llandudno LL30 1TE

 7th.                          5th Competition - Open  Judging by : Susan Clark.

                                   Entries in for Presidents Trophy  - Subject: “By the Sea”.

                                   From beaches to cliffs and islands to the mouth of the estuary

14th.                        "High Speed Photography" Speaker - Don Jackskon-Wyatt    www.the-don.org

                                   Last entries in for Presidents Trophy  - Subject: “By the sea”.

 21st.                         Presidents Trophy Competition - Judged by : Richard Walliker

 28th.                        AGM and Awards Evening